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The Vitebsk MachineTool plant "VISTAN" is one of leading enterprises of manufacturing of cylindrical grinding, centering and centerless machines, gear working, CNC machining centers, lathes, special, mini, wood-working machines.

The factory's history takes its origin from an army workshop founded late in 1914. In April 1918 the workshops were reorganized into an agriculture machinery works. Soon the enterprise became one of main suppliers of equipment for agricul-ture of Belarus and whole the North-west region. Then the factory manufactured ploughs, harrows, threshers.

Archives documents remained are witnessing that the collective of "Red metal-worker" plant - the name of enterprise at that time-made a considerable contribution to restoration of wars-wrecked agriculture.

In 1931, when the country was sharp faced with the creation of its own machinetool industry, the plant was placed under the authority of people's commis-sariat of USSR machinetool industry as one of the most technically equipped en-terprises with skilled specialists. The first machines were assembled at the beginning of the 1932 year.

In 1999 the Vitebsk special design department gear working grinding and sharpening machines became a part of the factory, and it starts to solve operatively the questions of long-term designing and operational development of new machinery. To rise the factor of powers utilization, to unite the power-intensive manufac-turing methods (foundry, heat and electroplating production), to give an effective full-time job to skilled specialists, to organize the in factory cooperatives reducing costs of production to be manufactured, and thereby, for its higher competitiveness the reorganization of enterprise by means of RUE "Vitebsk MachineTool Plant named after Comintern" joining to it as its structural sub-unit was carried out in May 2002. As a result of above reorganization the range of machinery to be produced by our plant was extended. The enterprise became the largest-scale manufacturer of machine tool production in CIS. Manufacturing program of MachineTool Plant "VISTAN" is guided by technological supplying of motor and tractor, bearing, electrotechnical, aerospace and other leading branches of machinetool building complex.

In recent years the plant organized the production of basic centerless grinding machine with stationary head of grinding wheel; universal lathe centring cylindrical grinding, gear spline-hobbing, gear shaping and gear rounding machines. Total mount of basic models and their modifications is numbered over 850 in the products range of the enterprise.



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